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Repairs & Maintenance

Much like teaching guitar, I’ve been fixing and repairing guitars for almost as long as I’ve been playing! (30 plus years and counting) From changing guitar strings, replacing electric guitar pickups, installing acoustic guitar pickups, carving guitar nuts & bridge saddles, fret dressing, re-fretting guitars, vintage guitar repair…including bass guitars… mandolins too. Over the years I’ve ended up with an interesting assortment of odd guitar parts, which has assisted me in repairing and/or restoring countless instruments.

One thing that a lot of people don’t realize is that their guitar is much like their car…it requires regular maintenance to not only keep it in top playing condition, but also to preserve your investment. You can come see me for what I call “Spa Treatments” for your guitar, to keep it in top shape and playing great! These include; changing the strings, cleaning and conditioning the fingerboard, tightening tuner bushings, (and any other loose parts) checking and cleaning the electronics, polishing the frets, checking the neck relief and adjusting the truss rod, intonation and looking for any “unseen” problems and advising the customer as to the suggested course of action.

Waiting time for a repair varies of course, but usually it only takes a day or two…depending on the extent of the repair. “Routine jobs” are completed PDQ!