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I’ve taught guitar almost as long as I’ve been playing…imagine that? Going on 30 years now! Over the years I’ve covered and / or had a “hand” at playing and teaching; Rock Guitar, Blues Guitar, Classical Guitar, Metal Guitar, Bluegrass Guitar, Jazz Guitar…even Bass Guitar… as well as instructing folks how to play their favorite “Guitar Hero Songs!”

My basic method is simple; give the student what they want, or more to the point…what they want to learn. (with in reason of course) There are some very important basics that MUST be covered first…having the student complete a sort of “General Arts Course” covering the basic guitar chords, guitar scales, how to tune the guitar and a general knowledge of the notes on the guitar fingerboard. None of this takes long…after a few lessons we’re usually ready to start working on your favorite tunes! Being a guitar repairman I also educate the student on how to properly maintain and look after their instrument.

As far as “age” is concerned, I teach folks from 8 to 80…guitar lessons for beginners of all ages! Many believe that my main focus is “guitar lessons for kids,” but MANY adults come see me…you’re never too old to learn. And it doesn’t matter if you’re mainly interested in learning to strum “camp fire songs” or want to get prepped for studying music in University…I can help you reach your musical goals!